I have lots of opinions….about lots of stuff.  Some would say I have way too many opinions & share them way too often.  I’ve been counseled by good friends to keep things in my “thought bubble”.  Unfortunately, my bubble has very thin walls.  It gets me in trouble.   Maybe there should be a support group for “bubble-challenged” people like me. 

Writing this blog might be the best treatment for thin-walled bubbles; it might stop me from commenting so often when I see ludicrous things happening & feel the need to point them out.  Or it may embolden me to speak up even more (scary, I know).  Overall, though, I’m hoping this blog helps me figure life out a little better; or at least come to terms with the fact that there’s much in life I can’t control (what? say it ain’t so!) and learn to be happy in spite of that. 



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